The River of Life is a mighty Church, knowing how to do battle in order to press through every spiritual hindrance, whether in the earthly realm or in the heavenly realm.

The River of Life is a soul-winning Church, successfuly reaping the harvest of men's and women's lives and liberating souls for the KINGDOM OF GOD.

The River of Life is a powerful Church, healing the sick, raising the dead, and casting out devils.

The River of Life is a compassionate Church, carrying the Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom, full of the love of JESUS for a hurting, dying world.

The River of Life is a wise Church, understanding GOD's divine plans and strategies for building HIS KINGDOM.

The River of Life is a healthy Church, properly relating to the FATHERHOOD of GOD as well as to the "fathers and mothers' of faith HE has connected to us.

The River of life is a wealthy Church, uncovering and transferring the secret wealth that has been hidden deep within the world system to finance global harvest and see the destruction of the world system.